Why us?

Businesses and people in general are more cost conscious than ever. You want advisors who are vested in protecting your businesses and your interests, who deliver great service and the right advice, but at an affordable price.  We understand that and that’s precisely why we’re here.  

Agnew Litigation & HR offers fixed fee solutions for all employment needs and litigation (yes that’s right, even for litigation!).   

We meet with you virtually, via phone or (where possible) in person before, during and after business hours -because we know issues can’t always be discussed during work hours.   

We partner with you to help protect your interests or your business and help you achieve the successes and outcomes you seek.

Hi, I'm allana agnew

I’m the director of Agnew Litigation & HR.

For many years I worked in private practice delivering commercial litigation and employment law services to clients, predominantly charging an hourly rate.  But this practice closed off access for many who needed a legal advisor.

In 2020 the global economic environment changed significantly. Businesses and people want to recover money or otherwise protect or defend their rights, need legal help to do that, but don’t have an endless source of funds to pay for that (who does?).

I saw a gap in the market of legal services – what if I could deliver some certainty via fixed costs in a process (being litigation and employment disputes) which is otherwise reasonably uncertain.  What if, I could give access to a range of documents you need to run your business and importantly to protect it, all at a fixed price?  What if I could provide a subscription service for employers who need someone to run ideas by, but are too afraid of the cost involved?

And so Agnew Litigation & HR began.