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fixed fees or hourly rates?

 We give you the choice of a fixed fee arrangement or hourly rate arrangement. It’s entirely up to you.

fixed fee

With a fixed fee arrangement, we set out the steps we expect will be necessary to achieve an early settlement with the other party or, where that cannot be achieved, through to trial.

We then provide you the fixed fee for each of those steps and what is included in that fixed fee price.

If we are required to take a step which is not contemplated by the fixed fees, then we tell you so and give you a fixed fee for the work necessary to complete that step (much like a builder who issues a variation).

This allows you to allocate funds for the necessary steps in your matter and allocates risk to us if we have underestimated the time it will take to accomplish each step.

Hourly Rate

Don’t want a fixed fee?

We offer low hourly rates for all litigious matters. We provide you with a list of the steps we believe will be necessary to achieve early settlement or to take your matter through to a trial and a range of the costs you can expect to incur. 

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