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You want a particular document?
You know what you want it to say, but can’t you just get the document without speaking with the lawyer and (worse) being charged for the meeting?

We get it!

We’re certainly not one for “over doing” things. But we know you need documents that protect your business and policies that aren’t too prescriptive binding you, the employer, to an onerous process.
We’ve seen some examples out there in the market and were surprised at how basic some were and how prescriptive others were, locking employers into a process that simply isn’t realistic for many small to medium businesses.  
That’s why we’re making our templates available to you for purchase.  Quick to obtain and easy to use templates at the click of a button!

Happy drafting!

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We can tailor a document to suit your business needs. Just book a meeting to discuss or obtain an obligation free quote.

What You Get

A comprehensive, legally drafted template that helps protect you and your business.