Executive Employee Templates

Executive employee agreements & other employment documents

Deed of access & indemnity

Directors and executives of businesses take on great risks in operating and managing the business. Often, filling these roles requires certain assurances be given by the company that the director or executive will be adequately insured and indemnified from claims (where possible) and they can have access to documents if ever a claim is made against them (and avoid disputes over what they can and cannot have access to). This template deed of access and indemnity provides those assurances and can be adapted to your specific needs where required.

Deed of confidentiality

Forgot to include a confidentiality clause in your employment agreement? Promoting an employee who will now be dealing with highly sensitive information? This template is prepared for just that situation and provides protection to your business even after your employee leaves your business.

Deed of restraint

Forgot to include restraints on trade in your employment agreement? Promoting an employee and a restraint is now appropriate? This deed of restraint is a simple deed for just that situation and gives you peace of mind that your business is protected should your employee leave.

Deed of settlement & Release

Have an employee dispute you are resolving directly or with the assistance of the Fair Work Commission? Then you need terms of settlement that release claims against the company and its officers and which maintain protections where you need them to be maintained even after the dispute is resolved. This template delivers that for employers.

Executive Services Agreement

Directors employed by the company and executive employees (such as CFOs and CEOs) need suitable agreements too! They deal with your company’s highly confidential information that you need to protect from potential misuse and have additional obligations above any other employee that need to be identified so expectations can be managed. We have prepared our Executive Services Agreement with a view to providing maximum protection to the company and clarity on the obligations the executive employee/director has to the business.